Sunday, March 15, 2015

Week #10: Final Preparations

With 2 weeks to go before race day, the Falcons gathered to put in their full dress rehearsal with respective Optimal Pace.

Warm up and activation drills were conducted prior to the main training run to get the Falcons tuned in to their pre-race routine.

The HM trainees went through 18km at Optimal Pace with most groups meeting their target objectives and having positive trials of their fuel and hydration plans.


The cool weather allowed the Falcons to sustain optimal pace throughout the full distance with many completing the requirements in good form.


The FM trainees were also at their peaks, maintaining Optimal Pace for 25-28km to complete in target times and with spares to be activated for additional mileage if called upon.

Overall, this second final session of Ops Falcon went smoothly without a hitch and all Falcons who made the session gained loads of confidence which will put them in good stead for a solid race performance.

A debrief was conducted to cover race preparations, meet-up points and rest and recovery from all these weeks of training.  The emphasis was on recovery aspects of training (foam rolling, massages and sufficient rest) to recover well and be in tip-top condition on race day.

The Falcons Are Race-Ready!

Photos by FatBird Chin