Sunday, January 5, 2014

Week #4: A good start to the New Year

The Falcons entered Week 4 of training recharged after the year end holidays.  This was evident in their performances and abilities to better sustain the longer distances at BaseBuild paces this morning.

A few more new trainees joined us for the training, very much motivated by the more experienced FatBird runners who are looking in very good shape - from keeping to the training schedules and committing holiday weekends to maintain their exercise regime.

The weather was very cool and nice after the bout of pre-dawn showers, allowing the respective pace groups to put in one of the better managed basebuilding runs.  Happy and satisfied faces all around as many of the Falcons completed the training objectives in good form.

The various pace groupings stayed together pretty much of the way, preferring to use the group effort to help main pace, while at the same time honing in on the running form and posture for running economy and efficiency.  

A number of the runners felt good in the return leg to break away for very good even and some negative splits - wow, that's some good progress indeed.

The gears will be shifted one notch as we progress into Week 5 of training, with strength and speed endurance being tested on a combination of hill repeats and rolling trail slopes.  The Falcons are getting mentally prepared to face the upcoming challenges with every bit of positive anticipation.

Run Photos by Meng Kiat