Sunday, December 29, 2013

Week #3: Cool December LSD

Into the 3rd weekend of Ops Falcon, and we continue to be blessed with very nice weather for running.  The crowd at ECP was a lot thinner due to the year end festive season, but nonetheless, there were a few training groups already preparing for upcoming run and race walking events.

The Falcons were out attempting what for some would be the longest distances to date, while others were just back from the festivities to get the engines progressively worked up to more comfortable zones for pace training in a few weeks.

All groups were maintaining good Basebuild paces and were looking happy and strong as they covered the first 70% of the prescribed mileage.  As the thresholds were being tested, the trainees were moved into their zones of discomfort necessary to elevate their training to the next levels.  

It would take a couple weeks more of basebuild for training adaptation for a strengthened foundation, along with improvements to running posture and form.

Tips on keeping sustainable paces, minor adjustments to running form, as well as advice on injury prevention from muscle strengthening and conditioning were dispensed to the various trainees in all groups.  

The trainees absorbed all information and advice positively, and were able to take corrective action to alleviate some of the existing issues they were facing - overall a very good interactive session for many trainees who were appreciative of the knowledge gained.

All were happy they made the time to go down early for this training in spite of the holiday season, and we can see the sense of satisfaction in all the faces for having put in a productive LSD (Long Slow Distance) session.