Monday, December 23, 2013

Falcon Tales @ MR Trails

It was one chilly morning (by Singapore's standards) as the Falcons took to the trails of MacRitchie Reservoir (MR) for their 2nd weekend of basebuild training.  Runners who have participated in past training operations would appreciate the challenging workouts that the MR route offer, requiring participants to overcome rather undulating trail and road terrain - all these serving to build strength and some agility which will come into good effect as we progress along the 12-week marathon program.

Because of the Christmas season, the mood was cheery with a number of trainees and trainers donning Santa garb, reindeer and snowman hats and ornaments to match.  It might have been a pleasant surprise to trainees joining us for the very first time, that the FatBirds are actually a fun-loving and playful lot, although we are also known for our seriousness in training and good work ethics, along with strong team camaraderie.

After the route and safety briefing, the respective groups took to the trails in high anticipation of a nice workout, with the initial paces on the faster side.  Fortunately for the immaculate weather, many of the runners were able to sustain the faster paces and it did help to warm us up to settle into a comfortable zone.

The rolling slopes of Upper Peirce Reservoir and the air-con road was lapped up by the Falcons, a number of whom were new to that training area.  The return trip as usual provided the main challenge for the tiring Falcons, with the final 6km stretch back up the Island Country Club Road and the Northern Trail zapping up whatever reserves were in the runners.  This is often the portion where those who did not have a good fuel tank or conditioning will be paying the price, but at the same time, a valuable learning lesson and mental strengthening for all.

The run ended on time, and the tired but satisfied trainees could be seen replenishing themselves with bananas and isotonic drinks provided after the tough 14km or 24km trail slopes workouts.  

There were some good feedback from trainees who have seen lots of improvement and welcomed loss of weight and waist carried from the last Sunbird training.  They served as motivation for the new trainees and encourage all trainees to persist with sensible structured training to see desirable results.

With the upcoming New Year holidays, the weekday hills sessions will be done at own time and location as per the training schedule - this will ensure the continued training momentum throughout the festive season, which can only ensure that the Falcons are still in tip-top condition in the run up to the mid-section of the training Operation.

The Falcons Flew The Trails!

Facebook Photos by Meng Kiat