Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Strength @ The Hills

As the Falcon runners were looking forward with anticipation to their first weekday hills training run, the skies opened up from 5pm and threatened to spoil the whole party.

We had a pleasant surprise when we arrived to the start point at Labrador Park MRT at 7pm to see more than 50 participants had gathered in spite of the rainfall still raging on.  We had a check with the stations and were informed that Cat 1 will remain till 8pm.  

While waiting for the rain to subside, we decided to have a briefing of the training schedules and weekly training variation and mileage we should be doing.  Spirits among all were still high with most still harboring hopes of having a good workout.

The rain came to a stop at 7:45pm, and we decided to go for the hills workout but with and adapted plan - instead of doing the Mt. Faber Hills, we would tackle the Labrador Park Hill loops for good measure.

The look on the faces of the Falcons said it all - they were just so happy to get off the starting blocks, and sprang towards the direction of the Labrador Hills in their respective groupings. 

The group trainers and pacers led their respective charges on the workout routine as directed, with all achieving the set training objectives and more.

In a stroke of good fortune where we had a brief 90min respite from the heavy rain, the first Falcon hills session turned out to be one lung-bursting, fat-burning and fruitful workout that was thoroughly enjoyed by all, as evident in the beaming and satisfied faces of the participants.

The Falcons look ready to rock on in the following weeks to come!