Sunday, February 23, 2014

It's A Wrap

The final training session for the inaugural Ops Falcon marathon training for 2XU Compression Run and the various Japanese and HK marathons went without a hitch, as the Falcon participants gathered for one final group run before next week's race.

Although a number of the Falcons were away for the Tokyo Marathon, we welcomed back a few others who did so well at the HK marathon last weekend - all the hard work from last December have paid off, resulting in many Personal Bests at these international marathons.  

As we were writing this, fresh updates from our Falcons in Tokyo and Bhutan marathons indicated yet many more PBs and some great running.

This being the tapering 13km (HM) and 18km (FM) run at Optimal Pace, the spirits were high as everyone was relaxed and out to wrap up the whole 12-week Falcon training journey in good form.  

Nearby, the 2XU Compression Pacers were conducting their final clinic and pace runs, and it was great to see many familiar faces as they ran past our gathering to cheers of encouragement from our team.

If the morning on Mar 2 was as cool and windy as this, we should be seeing many good performances and Personal Bests at the race.  The Falcons went through their final training routine without a hitch, and mostly stayed together in their pace groups till completion.  

Final touches and confirmation of equipment were rehearsed so as not to leave too many things to chances.  With a successful wrap of the session, all Falcons are high up in their confidence levels, and are all ready to put up a good showing next weekend.

We would like to thank all Falcon participants and trainers for the 12 weeks of training and pacing as a team, and for the nice memories we shared in this maiden operation we specially prepared for the 2XU Compression Marathon.

We wish the Falcons all the best for their 2XU Compression Race, and in our records, each of you are already a winner and we are proud to have you as part of the Team FatBird family.

The Falcons Shall Rise To Meet The 2XU Challenge!

Training Photos @ Falcon Meng Kiat
Photo Contributions @ Patrick Koh