Sunday, February 2, 2014

Week #8: The CNY LSD

It was just the 3rd day of the Lunar New Year holidays and the Falcon's training continued with fervor as we ramp up with the second longest run in the series, 4 weeks ahead of the 2XU Compression Marathon on 2 March. 

The turnout was reasonably good as we started the training run earlier at 6:45am, just to get sufficient time in for the 19km and 32km distances the HM and FM trainees were going for.  The weather was sufficiently cool for a good sustainable pace which saw the slightly late comers join in their respective groups after 3km.

The Falcons tested  their sustainable Marathon paces with good results, with most able to put their new found strength endurance from all those hills and tempo runs to good effect.  The HM Falcons came back very strong from their 19km runs, especially so for those who have been equipped with foam rollers and have taken some time for deep tissue and myofascial massages.

The FM Falcons were strong for most of the 1st half of the journey, only to be challenged in the return leg where the sun came onto their backs.  Still, they were able to steady through to complete their runs to meet training objectives of the morning.

After 8 weeks of basebuild and foundation pace training, the Falcons are looking good as we progress into Week 9 with the longest LSDs of 21km and 35km for the finals conducted at FatBird Optimal Pace.  With sufficient load up of fuel during the festive season, including ample rest and recovery time during the festive period, the Falcons look set to complete the longest LSD in good form.

Facebook Photos from Falcon Meng Kiat