Sunday, February 16, 2014

Week #10: Reduced distance at Optimal Pace

With 2 weeks to go before race day, the Falcons were geared for their 19km and 28km optimal paced LSD respectively.  The morning's attendance was muted as many trainees were away for the myriad of weekend races (Japan, HK, Singapore).

The Falcons had their final crack of testing out their sustainable paces over a reasonably long stretch of Tapering distances, looking for adjustments and enhancements to their by-now strong base of marathon running.

It was important that the runners complete their tapering run without any major injury nor form concerns.  There would be the minor niggles or muscle tightness that needed to be addressed with massages and foam-rolling after this final long run before the race.  

The weather was beginning to turn warmer after the 2 months of cooler temperatures,which provided additional challenges to the Falcons which were slightly affected in the final few km.  All these were good for conditioning the mental and physiological strength going towards race-day preparations at just the opportune moment.

The Falcons completed their mission of the morning mostly with satisfactory outcomes.  Even the few which were not in their optimal best managed to recover from their close calls to fatigue and 'hitting the wall' to finish sufficiently strong - very important for the psychological conditioning which will bring the runners to their targeted performances.

We now look forward to our final weekend of Tapering and race preparations with eager anticipation of putting what we have worked so hard in the past 2-3 months into 'live' execution on March 2.  

2XU Compression Marathon, The Falcons Are Geared Up!

Photos @ Falcon Meng Kiat